Someone asked me to reflect on 2013 and give them my best moments. At first glance I wanted to only relate one moment, the moment when my husband walked down the aisle and took me from my father. But while that was definitely at the top of the list it’s not the only moment that make last year awesome. Last year in my home we crafter our first beer and the best wine our little newborn home brewery had ever seen, I found kindred spirits in the love of the written word, I learned that I was immensely strong, even though I really did not want to be. I learned about faith and the strength of determination, I learned about the regret that comes from not grabbing a moment, and a learned that sometimes leaps of faith are the best ones.

But I learned about fear, and betrayal, about how even in the face of torment to be the better person, I had to learn a hard lesson in forgiveness, and that not all family are related by blood. I learned all about perspectives and the entitlement others felt they had to theirs and how little that really meant to me in the grand scheme of things.

Last year was one that has truly molded me and the person I want to become.I’m thankful for the lessons, because they have made me even more motivated towards my goals.


Any thoughts?

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