G2R RIP 2014

I love the way they spin this to make it seem like home owners and police will have the upper hand, but…don’t the criminals shop at the same stores? or rob them? To me this just smells like wickeder warfare and more dead kids.


2 thoughts on “G2R RIP 2014

  1. You must think pencils cause misspelled words also! Media hype is govt controlled and all they show is stuff that goes with their political agenda! You don’t hear of situations where guns save lives! You might not believe in guns or god! But when you are in your home and someone breaks in the first two things you are going to do is call someone with a gun and then pray they get there in time!


    1. I’m afraid there are comprehension issues in more than just the classroom. I have no problem with blowing away someone who threatens my space or family, I also don’t proport that tool are more than the intent of the people holding it. I just don’t understand the entitled illusion that this is a blessing for one side more than the other, anyone and everyone who has access will have so no side wins. Thanks for your comment.


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