Day care spoils a baby?

I’ve never heard of this phenomenon before, but here I am having my 2 year old tell me how much he wants to go to daycare. -_-. Teacher buys him ice cream, teacher gives him sweet treats. He is happy to greet her every morning and reluctant to leave her every afternoon. He is the little principle of the facility as what he says , despite the fact his English isn’t all complete yet, goes.

He expects his cereal served just so and his jello to make funny noises on it’s way to his mouth, it’s just standard in his eyes. Oh and no one but teacher can braid his hair without him screaming up a storm.

Little more and I would suggest adoption. All in all I guess my family is really lucky to have found a care provider who is so loving and diligent in her job. Now if only I can get her to adopt me.


Any thoughts?

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