My skin

I’m not sure I know one person who doesn’t feel pressured to be someone they are not. If you’re honest, you’re too much so, if you’re nice, it’s too much, If your brutal and blunt, like I tend to be then you’re an asshole. You are never ever free to be just you.

I for one have yet to meet people around whom I can be comfortable in all facets of my skin and I’m sick of it.

So here is my resolution, late though it may be.

I will not hide me,

I will not let what THEY say change me,

I will acknowledge myself as not being inferior because of my opinions

I won’t hide my forthright opinion or my dark sarcastic witt

I know it will be lonely

but I know the comfort of my own company

i’ll be honest to me

and others will just have to be ready to learn to be comfortable with my skin





Any thoughts?

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