The art of complimenting is different from the ass who’s ‘complimenting’

Words to live by


A compliment is ‘a polite expression of praise or admiration’. Let me repeat, A POLITE expression of PRAISE or ADMIRATION. I tire of hearing ‘compliments’ like: you look nice for a black girl or you put on weight but you still look nice. The biggest one is: You look better than your mother, sister, aunt or friend. Can you not see anything wrong with these ‘compliments’? For those who have been doing it for so long that you have no idea where you err, here goes, when highlighting the positive, there is no need to do any of the following things:

1) Highlight the negative: if the person is black/fat/light skinned and these are traits you usually find to be unattractive, the person will not feel any more special knowing that you think they shine against the odds. Pay your compliment and leave out the unnecessary detail. Make it a…

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Any thoughts?

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