Grown Folks

So I’ve been avoiding my blog because well I’ve had nothing to say. Well that’s not right I always have lots to say. But the contents of my experience seemed kind of macabre to me so I refrained, not wanting to be that trollish bummer roving the internet just pissing on other people’s day. 

That is until today. While talking to a friend I expressed this opinion and he said to me. “So who cares? Who are you? Isn’t this blogging thing all about what’s on your mind? Put it out you know people are always gonna be offended especially with you, so you might as well do something cathartic and let it out.”

I’m taking his advice. To those who are offended, try not to bite my head off, cause I’m pretty sure at some point I either was or will be offended by you.

So I’ve decided to explore what it is to grown up, through a number of topics that I’ve been irked, shocked and amused by for the last few months. It’s not a one post project as I’ve been asking endless questions of my grown up friends and family for a while now. I do, however, very much welcome the input of any and everyone. 

Laugh, cry, be exasperated with me and at me if you must, but at the end of the day I wanna know what it is to be all grown up.

So lets all get the ball rolling, what do you think it means to be Grown up?


One thought on “Grown Folks

  1. So what I think grown means to react seriously to the responsibilities which have been forced on you as you mature in age. Work, family, government, local and world issues, and even relationships (whether it be love or friendships). Just my take on it.


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