An enlightened Man’s take on Women’s Rights?


So in a group some random day a group member posted a letter, it was from what seemed to be an irate man to a woman telling her in no uncertain terms to “Take the damn fake nails off and comb her daughter’s hair”.

The women in the group heartily agreed, not with the man’s brash delivery but with the notion that as a mother one should at least be functional enough to care for one’s child. The existence of these well made super groomed designer women who have no time for their kids but never miss a mani-pedi clearly irked us.

But there was a man who was sorely offended by…get this…US? How could we be so archaic? Were we living in the 50’s? How come he had to defend women’s right to us? We were after all women. Wait What?

This weekend daddy was clearly super dad, he could wield a comb and a skillet as well as any Caribbean mama. Kudos to you sir. But the contention was that a GROWN woman can do what she wants, if she chooses to put her appearance before her kids then “Oh well it’s her right?”

Needless to say, with tail between my legs I retreated, thinking that obviously the people at the antenatal clinic when I was having my first child led me astray. I thought that as a grown woman it was my priority, responsibility, dammit my privilege, to look first for my kids?

And so I went along my way, until last week. Speaking to another friend, who has one of these “modern women” for a girlfriend and He was irate for the exact opposite reason. Chickita no clean, chickita no cook, no wash kids or for kids, not an eyelash batted at sick baby, happy baby, kiddy report card, and not a dollar to donate to the effort. My foolish question, “why don’t you talk to her, put down your foot, if you think you’re suffering so?”

The answer, “It’s her right as a grown woman”.

Do these dudes have it wrong, or do I? Is that really part of being a grown woman? I think I’m doing it wrong.


Any thoughts?

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