What Grown Folks Talk about


So I’m sitting among friends one day and two of my Grown male friends start conversing, loudly and with no abandon, about who the chick down the street is sleeping with. -_-

She was interested in one guy, but another wanted her, while she had been enthusiastically sexting with both of them and filling them in on the jiucy details of her sexual exploits.

I was highly annoyed. At first I thought it was ‘cause this woman was a self professed lesbian. Stick to your guns man, I mean woman, at least. Or was it that both of them were in “committed relationships” with people other than the happy-go-lucky-lesbian. Nope it was neither.

But there was something more, and after about 15 honest minutes of reflection I could finally see what irked me. These were Grown folks. In my mind at least, big people should have more to think about than idle school yard gossip.

I remember school days when who was hooking up with who was the hot topic, but then I grew up, or so I thought and that topic just could not hold sway as the first and foremost in my thoughts. I started looking for more, deeper, richer topics of conversation.

I embarked on some research I posted MEMEs of mundane yet interesting things in groups, topics such as science and politics were sorely ignore, someone even told me to go get a life. I switched tactics and began posting sexually provocative pics, behold I had friends again, suffice it to say I tried to entice no men. Hmm I’m seeing a trend here.

While the very word Adult has become synonymous with things sexual. “Adult film, Adult magazines” etc. Is that the only perk to being an adult? to being Grown folk?

So perhaps motivated by nuffness, I asked a family member what was so hype at talking about sex and only sex at this age.

They responded “Immaturity and/or the inability to get any of their own. Not that it’s a bad thing to talk about sex, it’s natural and healthy. But if all your conversations or interactions take on that kind of connotation then you really need to reevaluate your state and make yourself more interesting.”


Hmmm now I have food for thought. What do you think?


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