Bro’s before Hoes?


Recently I’ve come across post after post after post from Grown fold, preaching the bros before hoes philosophy. Trust none but your ride or die friends they say, only have been by your side through it all they say, they are the kind of friends who will help you hide a body they say, your drinking buddies etc.

In fact monogamy seems to be the out thing. And it is an age-old thing, except this is the ranting of more and more women. The bros in question are actually sistas and the hoes are well…men. Now not that these women don’t have “good reason”, all the good reason that we see from Wendy Williams to the Huffington post. Age old and well common.

What is more some of these women take it even further, apparently kids, parents, siblings etc all fall into the hoes category? Which causes me to rethink the definition and meaning of all these things. I’m the first to tell anyone that blood does not a family member make, but even I have that one family member who even though I’d love to throttle them for something they have done,are still able to use the family card on me.

At this point, only two posts away from exploring my grownness, I’m more confused than when I started. So far image and friends come first, limits and responsibilities are all things I can leave behind while being grown, but it just feels so wrong.

Maybe I should go on a bender, some practical research and see where it take me.


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