You stand still then what?

I’m not crazy, or at least I’m not as alone as I thought.


I had a meltdown this morning, the obvious side effects of being in a position that drains you. More often than not, people won’t understand what makes you tick, they won’t get why you act or don’t act the way they do. Expecting support is usually just that, an ambitious expectation. In people’s minds, if they don’t do it and their situation is similar, you’re dead wrong. There is no space for individual experiences in their rationale, no credence to your past experiences, joy or pain. So being in a less than ideal spot usually means being alone, even the well meaning advice seems generic. So after craving a drink, coming up with a million and one cocktail ideas, realising that they only thing I have to drink is rum, empty rum and I wasn’t about to drink rum on the rocks, I did the thing that gets me out…

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Any thoughts?

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