How to deal with the enlightened woman- The instruction manual you guys have been asking for Pt 1

After witnessing many a gender based argument all over my face book wall, and being completely writers blocked, and having way too much time to think in the darkness during and after hurricane Gonzalo, and having far too high a propensity for nonsense and being decidedly bored in general, and having access to lots and lots of home brew, I’ve decided to help my brothers out.

Sit, read, laugh, agree, disagree and discuss. This is my handbook of how to deal with the enlightened woman.

  1. Defining the woman, stop listening to your boys

One of my pet peeves when I hear a man talking about women in general is that he usually lumps all women with those stereotypical archetypes which the media has driven us to believe are a true representation of the modern woman. The radical feminist, the hoochie mama, the ghetto mama, the ghetto hoochie, the high maintenance hoochie, the booty call, the booty caller, Miz child support etc.

Gents I am sorry, but these are not what the enlightened woman would like you to use as the yardstick by which to measure her. The enlightened woman does not see you as that passive thing at the end of a wallet. She is not waiting on you to take a number to pay her bills, or any other trait of the silly kids you have been playing with before.

The enlightened woman has a more metropolitan view of you and herself. As to what that means, well that is what we are here to find out, so if I told you in chapter one then there would just not be a reason for you to join me again then would there.

I will encourage you, gents, to suspend disbelief and your hang-ups about that girl so long ago who broke your heart.

Oh yeah and guys, If it’s one thing I know, is that your boys don’t know jack. Every man I have ever known gets advice on women from other men. Do you think that he who has not the plumbing can advise you on she who does? Further, all y’all got that friend who’s longest relationship was 6 months, and even then it was on again off again while he did his bee in spring act, visiting every flower that waved her petals at him. This fool is trying to fool you. He has an inferiority complex, of the stable man, or the stable man’s package.

Please stop enabling this man-child. You by far know more than he does, hence why you have a girl and he does not. So neener neener neener this fool and let us proceed to explore, the expectations of the enlightened woman from her enlightened man.


Any thoughts?

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