How to deal with the enlightened woman – We know you have emotions tin man, it’s Ok Pt 2/6

  1. We know you have emotions tin man, it’s Ok

Picture this your day was crap, you are tired and annoyed, the world is on your shoulders and  you come home to  soft music, candle light, chocolate sauce and that little stringy thing you likes so much. You walks in, looks up with an exasperated look on your face and says….

“Sorry babe, not tonight.”

Now there are two possible responses to this:

A, She who is unenlightened will have a string of questions from “Why the hell not?”, to “Who she be?”, and everything in between in a tirade which drives you to the brink of whatever response that will just make things worse

B, She who is enlightened: “Babe what’ s the matter?” and she listens. She may take of the stringy thing and don one of your shirts cause they are just so comfortable, and a few beers from the fridge if that is what your into, rub your shoulders, if that’s what you like and listen or not depending on you to your woes.

It is a well known fact that men are programmed to be emotionless. Society in general seems to want condemn any man who wants to express his emotional self. To go one step further, society has bombarded us with the idea that men only think about sex, and therefore there is no greater affront to a woman than a man not in the mood. How dare he not rise to the occasion, how dare he turn down perfectly good sex? After all,  men don’t have stress, not emotional needs what so ever.

Men, the enlightened women knows that all that is bubcus. Yes we are aware. We know that you are human and like us have a plethora of emotions, and she is willing to embrace them in you, as long as you are willing to embrace them in us.

You see what I’m saying fellas? The enlightened woman gives as good as she gets. So give well and get well.


2 thoughts on “How to deal with the enlightened woman – We know you have emotions tin man, it’s Ok Pt 2/6

  1. eLFonian males are also programmed to be emotionless … and boring … and sartorially second-rate … and socially inept … and awkwardly taxing … constantly suffering from foot-in-mouth disease (very prevalent in eLFonia). Although, I must say, we are eloquently versed in the art of elf-throwing (a mixture of dialogue and physical exercise involving eLFan invaders)!

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