How to deal with the enlightened woman- The instruction manual you guys have been asking for 3/6

Round 3 y’all ready? We’re half way there.

  1. Independent doesn’t mean fortress.

Hi guys it’s me again. Over the last few weeks or so I’ve witnessed discussion and after discussion about what a strong women is, what a good woman is, what a decent woman is, and I gotta say you men make some great points.

Almost all you men said you liked to see a girl with goals, with drive, one who is not completely dependent on anyone for her needs, and fellas big up to you for admitting that, it warms our hearts really, because it means you have come to terms with a few things:

  1. Women have goals and that ain’t a bad thing


  1. Taking care of her big man and his little offshoots may not be at the top of the goal list.

Kudos fellas, really, because the enlightened woman is driven and goal oriented. She has a dream or three and that’s Ok.  You see I’ve been reading that book that they made a movie of the one that tried to teach us how y’all tick, great job by the way Mr. Harvey, and the man made an important point. In essence he said, that men have goals and they can’t focus on their woman unless they have fulfilled them, he encouraged the women to be supportive and aid the men in reaching these goals as it can be of mutual benefit.

I’m gonna piggy back on that idea, and while I don’t have Gabriel Unions, ahem, appeal, or a witty anecdote about a quirky little pothead gamer who just needed the right kick in the arm. I will tell you fellas that at least at this juncture it is the same across the genital divide.

Your girl has goal, she won’t be content till she gets them, she probably will driver herself like the hounds of hell are on her heals all while looking like she is auditioning for Victoria secret business ware edition.  Balancing a baby on her hip and juggling dinner , her laptop and the laundry, all without breaking a sweat, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need you.

So ever so often, pull out that little stringy thing she like, you know that thing in the goody drawer that you will never admit to having and put that sucker on if that’s what she’s into, two beers in front of the TV if that’s what she likes, hey maybe even a foot rub. But again try giving as good as you get.

Trust me the enlightened woman is soooo worth it.


Any thoughts?

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