How to deal with the enlightened woman- The instruction manual you guys have been asking for 5/6


5. Its not taboo if we do it

                Expendables 3 Spoiler…besides if you haven’t watched it yet then are you really gonna?

So I’ve watched the last Expendables  movie, is it me or is this franchise getting better with age? This time there was a pretty Ok plot to follow, generic but OK, and in its midst a few age old stereotypes that fits quite well with what I wanna say to you guys.

So Stalone’s character in the middle of a routine mission finds out someone who betrayed him oh so long ago is still alive, so he charges off  – stereo 1 – drawing attention to himself and his team which gets one of them mortally wounded. He then dismisses the group, without much of an explanation thus not really giving them many options because he feels he has to do it all himself, or perhaps he can’t tell them about his raging inner battle – stereo 2 – and dives head long into a suicide mission. Only to get his tail whipped and have to be saved by his old team. –Stereo 3 – the power of friendship.

Oh where to begin?

  1. People do think. There is a strong following of the thinking that all we do as humans of follow the feeling, but nothing in the experience of any human I have ever met has ever left me to believe that people, weather in the throes of passionate lust, or heart wrenching revenge don’t think. Your enlightened lady expects you to think, be thoughtful and look, dear boys, before you leap. You and she are a team and most likely she will have to nurse you through the broken leg.
  2. As alluded to earlier we know you’re not tin men. We know that feelings and hang-ups and insecurities etc are a big part of the human psychosis. The enlightened woman, is more than ready willing and able to stand with you through all of these. She understands, but even after she would have donned your shirt and offered you a beer and a sandwich, men, the ball is all up in your court. Use the shoulder she is extended, because that is what it’s for. I put to you that you will garner more respect from your enlightened lady by sharing than by putting on the macho face and acting like your boo boo is not an ouchie. Indeed this thinking goes beyond the ouchies of life and into all aspects, even the fun ones. There is nothing wrong with telling your ladies your fantasies or if that thing she does with her tongue touches your …uh…heart.
  3. The Power of friendship. One of this writers’ pet peeves is this weird phenomenon referred to as the power of friendship. Your enlightened lady is your partner, more often than not, when the suicide battle is over and you are lying broken on the sides of the battle field, it is she who works in triage to tie you back together and picks up the AK 47 and charges after the enemy. She bears the burden of helping you lick your wounds while living them vicariously though you, more often than not. It’s all fine to take comfort in her body cause, he he, that’s just awesome, but we all know fellas that y’all are deeper than sex, so show it.

In short Gents, your enlightened lady expects her man to be enlightened. In her world the misogynistic neander-man is dead, so if you’re still in Ug mode, there is bound to be trouble. There are no taboos between persons who are intimately entwined, are there?


Any thoughts?

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