How to deal with the enlightened woman- The instruction manual you guys have been asking for.



The 50’s are Over, advice for my gents

So before my 6th and Final post along this vein, let me take a sec to sit and be frank.

Remember “Leave it to beaver”? With his perfect working man father and his perfect mother June, with that perfectly clean house? Remember that lovely scene of June and the boys meeting Walt at the door after work as if awaiting inspection, and she always making sure to declare that dinner was almost ready and telling the boys to go wash up?

Well do you? I do? As a matter of fact I’m reminded constantly, by the relationship challenged, who seem to feel the modern woman has fallen short of the standard set by Sister June.

But let us examine, how and why June could get it all done, and never have a hair out of place at the end of the day.

  1. June did not work. Or more rather June’s job was to be the woman of the house. She took pride in it and that my friends, is admirable as hell. But she didn’t have to leave the house everyday for a 9 – 5. She was at home, she had the day to do her chores and shopping, even time to groom and gossip with the girls.
  2. Walt pulled his weight. Yes Walt went to work, and brought home the bacon, but on the weekend he made sure that lawn was impeccable, house work and quality time with the boys was something he took pride in doing, because he took pride in his home and being the man of it.
  3. Child rearing was a team effort. Did you ever notice those father son moments? Ever notice how the boys loved and respected both their parents? Oh yes, these people patented the good cop /bad cop routine and had those kids so well handled it wasn’t funny.

Now fellas let’s compare, the modern woman has to work in order to help you keep the household going, that there is economics pure and simple. She doesn’t meet you at the door with your slippers because, well, you’re both walking through it at the same time.

Your enlightened woman is no June Cleaver, so don’t expect that when you come home. I’ll never say that a person should not take pride in home and family, but more and more there are men deciding that the traditional male role of relaxing after a hard day’s work is for them and even the nights off from family life *rolls eyes* with the fellas , without thinking that their lady is in the same boat.

At least in my mind the solution is simple, equal work means equal play. So pick up a broom, or a mop, do a few dishes and know who the hell those little folks are living under your roof. Also something Walt did that was epically enlightened…

He appreciated June, and told her so, to her face, with actual words. Try it. Don’t you think it would make relations across the genital divide easier to navigate?


One thought on “How to deal with the enlightened woman- The instruction manual you guys have been asking for.

  1. Well I read on as per your request … nothing new when it comes to eLFonian males. We are still in Ug mode but with a twist – the ear! It’s the part of our bodies that get twisted when an eLFette doesn’t find her dinner skinned, swimming in goat’s milk and ready to be served with apples and oranges when she gets back from her hunting expedition. 🙂

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