How to deal with the enlightened woman- The instruction manual you guys have been asking for. 6/6


  1. We are not all bad, but we are all crazy

So here we are, 6/6, and what a statement to make.  All women are crazy, but not all women are bad.

Ladies before you pull out the torches and pitchforks hear me out.

This thread has been the subject of many a delightful conversation, I thank Pearman Jerffery and Loretta Benjamin for being the inspiration I needed to thoroughly smash my writers block. And in one of these conversations a very well spoken gent made that comment.

He went on to explain that all women were crazy, but that was not a bad thing, he thought that each and every woman was a beautiful and intricate being, with her own flaws and chinks, a pattern made by life and expressed though her persona.

“I think that makes every man, who captures one of these illusive crazy people infinitely lucky, because he has something so rare, so one of a kind that he can consider his mental and spiritual coppers full.” A man said this, and it warmed my heart.  “But see, the onus is now on the man, to learn his jewel, to understand her facets so he can finesse the best out of her.” He continued saying “This is why men have to be confused by the opposite sex, because they are trying to understand something beyond their scope, nobody can color with all those shades of madness, the trick is to find yours and understand her.”

Indeed this man deserves a cookie.

In that same conversation, he asked me to end the suspense and explain my vision of the enlightened woman, and this is what I told him.

She is not perfect, and she knows that, she accepts her flaws and thus can accept the flaws of her man, she is a forward thinking woman, she has goals and aspirations and expects them to be supported by her man, because she is gonna support him right back. The enlightened woman is a team mate, economically, socially, and in ways of leisure and pleasure, and she is specific to her enlightened man. The enlightened woman is a friend you can sleep with, not to be defined only by her sexual output or interest in her men.  The enlightened woman gives as good as she gets from her man, and is not afraid to tell him when it’s about to hit the fan, but she is also willing to listen and learn when her flaws are pointed out, in short she will grow with you, on you and into you.

Do you get it yet fellas, your enlightened woman, is a whole person, and she is a lot like you. Yes there are bad women out there, but aren’t there bad men? And don’t you guys avoid bad men? What makes women so different?

Though take heed, I feel there is an enlightened man within all men, and thus every woman can find her way to enlightenment.

I hope I haven’t missed anything, but I’m pretty much spent on this topic, tell me what you thought of the thread, and if you think I missed anything, we can discuss them if you like. As always it’s a pleasure to be read by all you lovely people. I’m off to the next topic of interest, wish me luck.


Any thoughts?

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