Selfish help?


Ever so often, something happens that stops me in my tracks, today it was reading a blog post about self upliftment.

I get that everyone wants to be a better person, everyone wants to grow to love themselves. But….ummm…when you’ve grown to love yourself is it just for you? Is it so you an be alone? Where is the part about loving your fellow man? Isn’t it supposed to be a progression of development? What’s the point of making something the best it can be if you never allow anyone else to appreciate it? And if the “best you can be” is someone who can’t function with others in general is it really good for you to be that way? And if all this self help is just for you, why do you feel the need to share it with me?

I mean really, our very way of life is built on principles like patriotism and altruism right? Indeed we are called continuously to display care for causes, for human rights and dignity, to speak out about injustice and to play the hero. Yes here we are, us the hashtag crusaders, obsessing over selfies and our own image. Indeed many of the acts of human kindness and decency I see done are done for the sake of bolstering one’s image.

And why the publicity about your journey? Especially if you don’t care what anyone else thinks? There is a deep and glaring hypocricy here. A bold faced double standard. Especially in the disdain of the masses for those fully developed trolls out there.


Any thoughts?

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