So I received this piece from a friend who has been hiding this talent from me. It’ rough but I think it’s pretty good. Tell us what you think. Help me give this person some well deserved encouragement.


Yolanda hated being torn.  She was a creature of pleasure with a twisted sense of morality.  Call it a back door bargain with God but Yolanda knew God did not smile every time he had peered into her bedroom.  In fact she thought that many a times he closed his eyes; there was no limit to her pleasure.

Then there was that night when she swears till today with no waiver that God walked around the room on the walls.  He was not angry; it was as if he wanted her to be aware that he was there.  What she felt was no thrill running down her spine; it was the eyes of God, staring at her asking her, what do you plan to do, I am right here but so was he.

Yolanda was mortified.  Before her was a decision she had dread making for quite some time.  Suddenly she had a flashback of a scripture she once read in her teen years, “a man cannot serve two masters for he will love one and despise the other.”  Which would she choose?

At this point it was not so much an issue of choosing but resisting.  Her mind had long relished the idea of his hands, his lips and towering structure pitted against her small but full-bodied frame.  A frame that now betrayed her mental will with every physiological motion.  She could feel her breast round into firm upright orbs, her nipples hardened, the neurons within her fired and the pleasure of her sex was making itself known.

She had opened her eyes to find him looming over her.  His lips had already brushed her wanting and now everything within her throbbed and she moaned inwardly.  How could she not desire this man?  With her final line of defense crumbling, she cursed her lecherous and lewd desires and sat there praying and hoping her nemesis would see her despair and release his prey.  She was officially weak not knowing how to deny herself.

However as with all nemesis’s he wasn’t prepared to aid her dilemma. In fact upon observing the psychological torment of his prey through the windows to her soul which were mere inches away from his as he zeroed in to partake of the illicit pleasures of her lips, his resolve of moving in for the “kill” stiffened. Try as she might to gather her thoughts and tactfully bring under control this side of her that had long been buried and forgotten she sat there spewing logic after logic as to the many grounds upon which his advances should be halted but her body betrayed her.

He knew that despite the condemnation of the words falling from her mouth as to the inevitable tangle they were about to find themselves in that the fight within her was subsiding little by little with every soft, advantageously placed kiss along the contours of her body. The tight clutch of her hands around the shaft which was now exposed coupled with the blissful moans she uttered as she felt it swell was confirmation that her resistance had met its end and her walls off defense stood no longer.

He now gazed at her from the vantage point of her inner thighs as the maneuvering of his tongue inside her made her words inaudible.  He owned her.  Her body heaved and released with every sensual pull of her clit.  She wormed along his slivering tongue while he enjoyed her crevices and the power he commanded.  He did not lie.  This was his delight.  She enjoyed watching and feeling him nestled between her.

His hunger increased hers and in spite of her present state of ecstasy she had to partake of her divine.  With a gently motion she pried him from within her to devour the elixir that laced his lips.   The rush of the three liquids merging brought their bodies together and the feel of it all, his tongue on hers, her juice on his, her round breast against his chest, caused her internal walls to contract.

With the assurance that he had placed a final end to any hesitation that tried to linger he resumed his self appointed task.  He had long sought permission to bend her over and suck her and his position was perfect.  Kneeling on the floor, he craned her to spread all that he desired before him. His large hands held and squeezed her hips in place. His tongue ran all her cracks and she shivered.  He was devouring her and in so doing earned her pleasure.

She shook her hips from his grips.  She needed to please him back.  Turning around to face him yet again with a premeditated show of strength she pulled him up so he was now standing at the frame of the bed. He stood momentarily puzzled. He wondered as to her motive for ceasing his feast. She then threw herself toward him ensuring that her upper body was now dangling off the edge for this was exactly where she was about to take him and that’s exactly what she did. His composure returned as it now became clear exactly what was about to go down.

With a firm grip on the shaft she began her counterattack. She embraced his excited member inch by inch with her orifice. He could feel his knees begin to weaken. He was no longer in control for his strings were now being pulled by the ultimate puppet master. Choice was taken from him and all that was left was for him to surrender to her every lead. He did so with pleasure. He enjoyed receiving almost as much as giving.

He found himself thinking that this was long overdue. She was now taking great delight in the manly moans that filled the air with every gentle caress of his balls sack. Realizing that this brought him much glee she shifted her body over so that she was now on her back facing upwards and devoured his testicles while gently manipulating them within her jaws. He almost melted as sweat ran down his face and he rose to his toes.

He had to regain control, or if not regain, at least share it; for in spite of his shift in position she did not release him.  He took a moment to look at her.  He fondled her sensitive, black full nipples lying in the center of her ample orbs.   Her voluptuous frame was all imagined and then some.  He was a kid in an amusement park.  He opened his legs to give her space to maneuver while he hunched over to grab her small waist with both hands as she stroked the head of his cock with her tongue.  Cold chills ran up his back as he admired her naked body for the first time.  He slipped his hands along the sides of her body and brought her pussy to his face.  Curling her body to accommodate him better, he held her suspended as they groaned and operated in frenzied excitement; gyrating their hips rhythmically.   Yolanda was so open; his dick effortlessly throated her with no nauseating response.  She was wowed by his pleasure.

When he lowered her body she released him.  Her face was washed with fulfillment; who ever said that the orgasm was the end all had sure never experienced the art of pleasurable seduction and his intent was to take it further.  Her entire body lay there panting before him at his disposal.  He was ready; she was ready; yet he chose to delay the final gratification.  He needed to feed his appetite yet again.

With a smooth motion he once again knelt between her knees and they kissed passionately; the blend was beautiful and she was ready to be filled by him.  He worked his way along her torso to the clit and lips.  She lightly massaged and stroked his face, encouraging him to do his do.  Suddenly, probing fingers caused Yolanda to heave.  Extracting his face from her pulsing clit, he proceeded to plunge his fingers within her.

It was the moment of truth. He was finally going to be inside her. He tenderly slid into her coveting snatch which by now was flowing with anticipation. Her back arched upwards while her thighs tightened around his waist. He locked his stare to her face as to witness every expression with each thrust. Her face said it all, there was no need to speculate as to her fulfillment. Her countenance excited him all the more.

Thrusts became deeper and with more force. He wasn’t trying to hurt her but just couldn’t get enough of her. She used the grip of her legs that were wrapped around his as leverage to rotate her center up and down to meet his. The synchronistic movement of their hips was a sight to behold as both mid-sections met midway again and again and again.

Despite the enjoyment he was experiencing in this position he craved another much more, one that would permit him the occasion to move free of the constraints of her leg-lock and also ideal to smack that ass. He rose to his knees, flipped her to her stomach, grabbed her hips and pulled them upwards. She complied with his every demand and adjusted herself with her face down into the bed and her back bowed inwards. He thought highly of lay of the land and the landscape was luscious, a thriving utopia. He had to take it all in. He paused momentarily with cock in hand before guiding it home once more.

Her butt slapped against his lower torso slowly at first. He wanted to watch as he disappeared inside her inch by inch. He repeated this motion much to his delight as he secured himself for the ride by holding steadfast to that place where her waist and lower back meet. He closed his eyes in an effort to raise his other physical senses. This proved to be much to his liking. He now noticed just how soft and smooth her skin was, and the splendor of her curves was refreshed. He felt prompted to reach forward and take hold of her neck with both hands. His hold tightened as she gradually rose from all fours up to her knees so that the angle of his gorging cock was now polishing her g-spot. She moaned and gasped for air in chorus but never attempted to remove his clutch. Instead she found herself gaping at the familiar images in the mirror situated in the corner of the room.

She could not deny she liked every inch of him.  In her mind she urged him to come on.   His thirst and deep drive stretched and consumed her and instead of seeking his mercy she eased and rotated her ass encouraging him to continue reaching.  His pain was her pleasure and all of it excited her.   For a moment she did think of her God but she had long concluded that what stared back at her was godly.  His body met hers in every desirable way possible.  The love was great, the sex in the air was fulfilling and if she was being bad, she was perfectly good at it.  There was no turning back now.


Any thoughts?

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