When did the parents go away?


So vacation is finally here, the exam papers are marked, grades all entered and I can get to my favorite time of year. And one of my favorite parts of my favorite time, is spending quality time with my tribe.

It has only five members, The chief (also knows as Daddy), the wise woman (Also known as mommy, Me), the warrior/scholar/sometimes nemesis, our princess and the baby.

So there we are gathered around the TV, watching the few current shows on that channel who’s insignia is three circles resembling the head of a very famous mouse, and it hits me.

I’m watching shows geared at kids, and almost all the parents, are either,absentee or dolts. Next time you sit with your kids look and see. Is this what our kids are growing up to think the world is like? Is this what our grand kids can look forward to? Where are all the parents? Where are the Mom’s and Dads who, while quirky, always have some wisdom to share? Where are the life lessons about family and the roles parents are to play? Where is all the subliminal messaging about being a kind, and loving, responsible, firm but fun adult?

Instead all I see are Peter pan incarnations, and adult themes for 8 year olds. Has the world gone mad? Or have I?

The I wonder if the trends we see in the classroom are because these shows are a reflection of what the vast majority of society has become? Is the generational divide really that wide? Did my generation drop the parenting ball? NO wonder my kids look at me like a mad woman, when I rant about curfews and chores. But then see there are people like me out there, who also rant about curfews and chores, who know where there kids are and who they are with, and swim against this tide of kiddy lawlessness.

So panic averted, and I turn to the tribe and talk to them about what they are seeing. Specifically I ask if they think that the chief and the wise woman are doing a good job. And my sometimes nemesis, replies, calmly and without his mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“Those kids don’t have it better than us. We know you want us to be good and grow up to be good.” and just like that, it’s all good again. Panic averted. The parents aren’t all gone, and our kids appreciate us.


Any thoughts?

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