Listening to road noise again

What do you think generations looking back are going to think of us? What have we done?What imprint have we left on the world? The generation before us, were the civil rights movement, the end of apartheid, the liberation/or imprisonment of Cuba depending on what side you were on, the revolutionize of technology such that had not been seen since the industrial revolution, the independence of the Caribbean colonies, and the list goes on and on.

They changed the world, for better or worse is a simple matter of what we make of the opportunities afforded us by their struggles. But what are we doing? We are the selfie/hashtag generation, the generation of “too much and no restraint”, of we have the right to be anything we want and we choose to be….less than what they expected.

What are we choosing to be?

They chose to be the Marcus Garveys, the John F Kennedies, the Fidel Castros, the Nelson Mandelas, the Martin Luther King Jouniors …. the leaders of the revolutions…the affectors of change. And what are we, the children born with a freedom so absolute to reep the opportunities they fought for. Who are we and what are we doing?

I used to think I would change the world, that I would somehow be that drop that started a ripple, that would touch the shores of nations.

But then I realized, the destinies of these nations were already changed by great men and women, years before I came into my own. It’s my job to embrace the opportunities and honor their memories by being the best of what their legacies could be. I don’t need to fight, except to keep those great ideals alive, to educate those who come after so that they don’t fall into the same traps, and regress.

And yet, sometimes I look at my generation and I don’t know if we really get it. I don’t think we understand that the onus is on us not only to enjoy freedom, but to use it, for the betterment of the generations that come after. And in those moments, I loose a little of my faith, a little of my enthusiasm to be that ripple, that will strike those shores, and change nations.


Any thoughts?

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