No mommy, that’s enough tickles

getting ready for church

Jean-luc at 3 months I think.

“No mommy, that’s enough tickles” That’s what he said to me last night. My little man 2yrs 9 months going of 40, has declared his independence. Not only are tickles now off limits most of the time, but so are kisses, feeding him, nap time and whatever else he has decided he is now too grown up for.

I am now just his human teddy bear, an ever available cuddle and a pair of loving arms to comfort him when the world doesn’t yield what he wants, usually bed time, candy and anything that looks fun but will hurt later.

But this morning while he told me “NO” repeatedly, with that stubborn look on his sweet little face, in what had become our morning ritual of bath time debauchery, something struck me.

This kid was being very inconsiderate.

Yes he had to grow up some time and yes him developing his own sense of self independent of me is important, but what about my feelings? I’m not ready for my little toddler to become a full fledged kid. One step away from adolescence, which is one step closer to teenageerhood and then adulthood or whatever this stage of life is. I’m not ready to face the fact that this little person will soon no longer need me in the totally awesome ways babies do. That he will soon join the ranks of the more confusing members of the tribe. He hadn’t stopped to think that his Mommy wasn’t ready for him to get all grown up. But then again neither did the other two, do any kids ever?

Sigh, but time stops for no one, not even me. I’m gonna buck up and put on my thinking cap, ’cause what comes next is going to be an adventure.


Any thoughts?

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