Shout to all my plastic sistas


According to Meme culture, a real woman:

Accepts her man’s side chick and their baby with open arms, she only has children before marriage, she knows here way around the kitchen only, the real woman pays a man for his affection but is independent, the real woman….blah blah blah.

I am not a real woman. And I would like to give the mother of all fist bumps to all the other plastic chicks out there. The ones with some self respect and standards, who are better than hoochie culture, who have responsibilities and live up to them, the ones who are creative and funny, and have more to judge themselves by that the man they walk beside, indeed the ones who judge themselves at all and are happy with what they see.

So as we say in the Caribbean:

Big up…to all my plastic sistas


Any thoughts?

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