Sangria in the morning time

Womanys Hand holding Cocktail With Fruit

Christmas time in the Caribbean is like no other time anywhere else. The week coming up to Christmas is a time of smiles and “Merry Christmas” people you had never seen move fast, were now bustling up the street to buy gifts and new curtains and whatever niceties to pretty up for that special day, people whom you had never seen smile, were beaming and brimming with good cheer, enthusiastically patting you on the back and inquiring about your family. It’s amazing.

But most amazing of all is that the coffee shop I like on a Saturday morning, for only a week before the blessed holy day, adds sangria made with sorrel wine, and eggnog made with Cavalier rum to the morning menu. You can have them warm or cold, but either way they blossom in your stomach with a kind of toasty warmth, that zings up you brain stem and makes you feel all smiley like the people walking by, adequately buzzed up for Christmas.

I guess they were doing it for people like me, people who couldn’t find that festive feeling anymore and needed to have it artificially introduced into their system. People like me who have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning, than sit in my favorite cafe, sipping sorrel sangria, made with sorrel wine, grapefruit, oranges, limes, and Antigua black pineapple.


Any thoughts?

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