The new bond yay? or Nay?


My first reaction to this is YAY IDRIS!!!!!! *happy dance*, then I get all deflated.
I’m a bond fangirl no doubt about it, probably since I was in diapers, but in recent years the smooth, sexy, tech-of-the-future Bond of the Conery days are all gone. Replaced by this Daniel what’s-his-face and his shoot ’em up gangster antics. Now I’m wondering, if that is the trend, given the prevalent image of Black men as drug pushing, gun toting, womanizing, violent, well gangsters, is this role really the best for my buddy Idris? or any black man for that matter? Will this new Bond be the stereotype that black people don’t need? What do you think? #fixitMartinLutherKingJr #fixitMarcusGarvey


Any thoughts?

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