Hollywood why you do me like that?


So I spent a good chunk of my weekend binge watching Flash Forward. The show started off a little slow, and killed off the cute guy less than half way into the season, only to replace him with the gorgeous Michael Ealy, did not kill off the Asian dude, and broke up a whole marriage in the name of science.

Needless to say that by the end, which ended on a solidly engrossing cliff hanger, I was hooked. And then I look to start streaming the next season and …… It was Canceled. “Why” was my anguished scream, well maybe it was more of a frustrated grunt.

Now this is by no means the first time Hollywood has done me like this, no no indeed I can name off the top of my head 3 good shows that have caught me only to send me crashing on the rocks of emotional turmoil. Who can forget the awesomeness that was Firefly, or The Sarah Connor Chronicles? These two actually got the “Why?” scream. Oh woe is me, why do I always fall in love with doomed ones?

Well at least I still have Sam and Dean and Rick and the gang. I tell you the life of a fangirl is an emotional roller coaster.


Any thoughts?

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