Merry Christmas


I love Christmas. No we don’t have snow and we make jokes about Santa on a donkey instead of his deer, or getting sunburn. But it’s also the one time of year when I prepare a gut busting feast of Turkey, Ham, Cakes Cookies, Pork, and other delectable confections and that alone is enough to endear me to any holiday. But that’s not why I love Christmas.

It comes after the most stressful term of the year and it’s the time when gift are aplenty, when generosity is the norm, well for the most part, and where the economy will allow. But that is not why I love Christmas.

Yes it’s the time of twinkling lights, and sappy movies that always make even my cold heart grow a size or two. Or carols that bring back memories of the Christmases of my youth, when I was hopeful and innocent and oh so naive. But while I may smile ruefully and sing lustily that is not why I love Christmas.

It’s a time when it’s ok for desert, the main course, the side dish, the cocktail, hell even the soft drinks, to get you a little tipsy. But that is not why I love Christmas.

It’s the time of year when we say Happy Birthday Jesus. And indeed that is easy to do when I see the tribe light up with excitement, to help clean and cook and make the house pretty. When I reflect on how rich they have made my life, despite all the challenges we have faced together.

But what I really love about Christmas, is the that feeling, and maybe we can blame it on the alcohol, but most people seem to have it. We see smiles where all year round there might be a frown, and the well wishes you get are absolutely genuine, because nobody wishes anyone a “Crappy Christmas”. In my home growing up it was a time when al anymosity seemed to be put aside if not forgotten, and with the exception of the crabbiest relatives everyone got along and enjoyed the company and the conversation. Enjoyed even the back breaking preparation.

It’s the one time of year when everyone is friendly and genuinely so, if only in the moment. That right there, is why I love Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all of you who read this blog, who continue to support me and my quest for better writing with your feedback, and may your 2015 be far brighter than your 2014. Much love to you all.


Any thoughts?

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