Food drunk and greatful

Today was the and continues to be the most Zen Christmas of my life. After burning the midnight oil to lay out my 2014 yule tide spread, my family and I descended upon the holiday table with a vengeance. And while there are less leftovers than I anticipated, a bit more of a mess than I expected, a little nostalgia for Christmases past and a little bit of gladness that those Christmases will never be again. I am grateful and contented  but even thought I’ve given my traditional holiday donations to my charity of choice, there is still a little niggling feeling in the back of my mind.

I am food drunk and happy. Looking to open a bottle of home brew and settle in all warm and toasty with the hubby and listen to him read to the kids in that soothing voice of his. But there are folks out there who have not the opportunity. Not to be food drunk, not to be a little shnockered. There are folks living in fear of disease tonight, there are parents missing their abducted children, or even their children gone from this world. There are the down trodden, and the just plain down on their luck.

And I know it mightn’t mean to much in the grand scheme of things. But I’m throwing up a word of prayer for these folks. The ones here at home, the ones abroad, the ones lost and hopeless. It’s not much but when I was down and out, a kind work was all it took to inspire me.

I’d also like to put a word of thanks out there to every bearer of kind words, thoughts and deeds who has affected my life.

Tonight I am food drunk and grateful, to have so many great people in my life.


Any thoughts?

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