Is there a word that unleashes more irritation than that one when wielded by a 2 year old? Couple that with the traumatic experience that is potty training and you have a pretty good mental recreation of the most tedious part of parenthood.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that my tiny overlord, is finding his sense of individuality and is being to exert his will over his environment. But could he find a better way to do it, that running away from me at bath time, or covering my floors with baby powder?

I’m really flattered that little man wants mommy to rock him to sleep while singing 80 love rock ballads. Please don’t judge me. But why is it that that is also the only thing to comfort him just after a prolonged property conflict with the princess.

I’m sure my neighbors are pretty amused at hearing me and him going back and forth,





when frustration has set in. But I can’t wait for the end of the NO phase. This epic pitting of will against will. Where physical size doesn’t seem to matter, and his cunning seems to know no ends.


Any thoughts?

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