For Auld Lang Syne

I’ll admit once upon a time I used to drink the resolution Koolaid. Hell I was swimming in the stuff. Making loft declarations about:

my weight, when what I really needed was to learn to love my body

my relationships, when what I needed was to evaluate them, my role in them and what I wanted from it

my career, where I only needed to know my limits

my family, which just needed my time and appreciation

my personality, which is just fine and never needed changing beyond evolving on it’s natural course.

About two years ago it was like  someone waved a wand and the Koolaid left my system and it just came to me, hit me like a runaway donkey cart. I was making all these promises to no one really, in order to avoid the me. I was not a soul full of problems that needed fixing, I was a kid in need of growing.

So I stopped making resolutions and just decided to be happy with who I am. I, instead, of making silly resolutions started sweeping out the old year and seeing the new as a season of new opportunities. And guess what? It worked.

I looked up and found myself surrounded by genuine and supportive people, who now had room to dominate the space given them, now that the riffraff was gone. They encouraged me , sometimes with extreme prejudice. But I’m grateful for all the late night FB threads, Fandom rants, Friendzone parties, Gallery wine tastings, hugs, and just all around fantastic times.

In the last two years I have constructed an internal framework that has boosted me up to places I never thought this shy, short quiet girl could go.It let me focus on real goals and embrace obstacles like never before.  That is the path that led me here to WordPress. To all the people who have read and liked, or viewed and commented. To everyone who thought I was worth a little space in their reader. Thank you and I raise my cup and wish you too a cup of kindness as we usher in 2015


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