The fangirl life while writing

Now everyone who knows me, know that I am an obsessive fangirl. I obsess about the works of my favorite authors, hence why there are only three on my favorites list. Though there at like 12 others on my “Like, but don’t know if I can give you my heart list.”

Shows are a little different, for them I have some restraint. Being an impatient creature, I love to binge watch my favorites when the seasons are over. But the problem with that is that I’m always between and/or always hunting for new entertainment. It is not at all strange to see me tapping away at my keyboard while my screen is split between whatever show I’m watching and whatever I’m writing.

You see when I read that author somehow manages to seep, their voice into my pieces. But when I’m watching it’s a whole other experience. I’m able to keep track and still write. Almost like the show is quieting all the static, and letting my characters speak to me, through me.

I never thought it was weird until yesterday. When my dear heart pointed out how he had never seen anyone do that before.  You see I’ve just started Lost, having nothing else to watch, since all my currents are on mid-season break. I decided to see what all the hype was about. And since the series is over, it’s all the better because it won’t leave me jonesing for a fix in the middle of December. So there I was headphones on, Season one a-rolling, tippity tapping away. He laughed, and it made me self conscious.

I can’t be that strange? Can I? What other quirky things do people do when they write? I know there are folk who rock out to music and some who get all Zen and go back to nature. But binge watch Lost?


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