Why Am I Here?

Well I started blogging about a year ago. At first I needed a place to put my poetry,so I started a blog, then I found I had more to say, so I started another, and here we are.

At first all I wanted was to put those thoughts that haunted me out into the universe. Because just putting them somewhere in a book, was just like wasting the energy to think them in the first place.

But then this thing became something more to me. It became not only a place to share a heaping helping of quirk, but a place to share and grow, to get feedback from others and maybe to have some interesting conversations with some fascinating people. Writers, readers, quirky folk like me, every and anyone really. Island girls don’t discriminate with whom we make conversation.

I write about any and everything, from my kids, my family, my career, my writing…just life. As well as put little bits of my writing out there, kind of a confidence builder if you will. I figure if people like it, it’ll show in the likes, views and comments. If not then I know there is room for improvement.

I hope in 2015, to publish some written works for the first time, and this had s and continues to be the springboard from which I launch that part of myself. With the aid of my readers who are by far the most real critique I have.


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