Being Particularly Shy..

Well here I am at week three of Blogging 101, and they’ve asked me to follow and interact with three blogs. It’s perhaps the roughest of all assignments for me, simply because I am quite shy. I don’t particularly like the prospect of rejection, so I browse anonymously, leaving likes as if they were my personal mark pf Zorro, and run away without leaving comments. I thought I was making headway, setting the goal for myself to respond to at least 10 of my fellow blogging 101 classmates a day. But now it’s an actual assignment and that just seems to make it all the more daunting.

So here goes:

These are my topics and links to the 5 new blogs I’ve chosen to interact with.

Mothering :The foul mouth of a mother, grabbed me with the great pun that is the name, and the fact that I can sooo relate.

Life :  Beerdrinker only. I just like the style of the writing. And well aren’t we all trying to figure it out?

Fangirlism ? Is that even a word? But hey again just feeling kindred.

Wow that was work. But not done yet.

Writing: being a writier how could I not want to interact with other writers

Publishing one of my goals in 2015, and this site seems particularly insightful on the whole process.

And now I’ve started I see no reason to stop looking at new blogs. So looking forward to seeing more from my classmates, the new additions to my reader and anyone else.


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