I don’t care if it’s cliche

Dear you, yeah you, the one reading this.

You are my dream reader. Yeah you’ve heard it all before. How much you are valued and how much it’s all about you…blah blah blah. And every time you’ve seen it, every time someone has typed it I guarantee you it’s true. Because on thing all bloggers know is that readers are important, without you we would all just be crazy people, baring it all to cyberspace.

But I want to talk to you. I want to tell you what I want from you, because your presence is not enough anymore. I think it’s time our relationship got to another level.

I want to know your story. No you don’t need to tell me all the intimate details, well…unless you want to. But I want to know you. I want to know what your opinions are not only on the work I put out there, but on the topics I ponder. I want to know if we are alike or if you are the complete opposite of me. I want to know if you like my perspective, and if you have one that is completely different. I want to learn from you, about people of every shape, color, culture and nationality and how they perceive this world. I want to know you.

I mean, I’m all up out there, my whole soul is in my poetry. And my honest thoughts and creative non-poetic spirit is all here for you to view and or critique. So it’s only fair right?

I guess that’s all I can say on the matter. Except that I’m really looking forward to hearing from you in the future. So I’ll leave you now. I’ll only leave you with the some that popped up in my head when I read this assignment.


2 thoughts on “I don’t care if it’s cliche

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