Life gets in the way

So over the Christmas vacation, I was posting blog posts left right and center. The likes were rolling in, and the views, Oh the views in the double digits. Don’t judge me.

But then school started, and at first all was well, I had unit plans done with time to spare and blogging 101 assignments done within hours of them being posted. Now I’m skipping days and completing stuff late.

You wouldn’t think being a teacher would be any impediment to my writing at all, and you would be wrong. Argh…this stuff creeps deep into your head space and makes focusing impossible. There are lesson plans and activities and student profiles, rubrics and tables of specification floating around in my brain, blocking out creativity.

I must admit though, that school is not all to blame. You see I’m not only a teacher and writer, I’m a wife and mother of three precocious little people who are constantly trying to outwit me. Even the little one!!!! Who is only 2!!! Sigh. Suddenly House work looks more daunting, kiddy arguments more epic and the time, formally known as mommy time which used to be dedicated to writing and blogging has evaporated.

How do other people do it? Uck I’ve even fallen behind on my lost, not having watched a single episode in like 3 days!!! The fan girl in me is huddled in a corner trying to fight the withdrawal.  Sigh what to do?


6 thoughts on “Life gets in the way

  1. How about writing posts in segments until a post is complete. If you can manage 5 minutes at any point in the day take advantage of it. When I have a moment of inspiration, which are rare these days I jot it down, or tell Siri to make a note for me. Eventually you will find your grove. Being an educator today is a daunting task that can envelope a person completely. Hang in there you will find what works for you.


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    1. Alas Stacy I’m a bit of an OCD ADD if that makes any sense, I can mull over something for months, but when it comes to putting it down it must be in a continuous stream. Does that make any kind of sense? But thanks you for your encouragement. I’ll find a way, a grove as you put it, eventually.

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