Never learned to braid my hair


I Know it’s the one thing every island girl knows how to do. Be it corn roles in congo or rope styles, every girl knows how to braid hair. All that is except me. Indeed I found the exercise painful and tedious. Being the thing that includes allot of pulling and tugging, a soar rear from sitting too long and ends in a massive scalp ache. I was not inclined to be the giver of pain.

You see, on top of that, where other girls were practicing on dolls, or whatever it is they practiced on, I was playing with my robot. Being my parents child, being allowed to follow my own likes, my favorite toys were not dolls, but Robots, an alien war tank and of course a model 757.

So the tragedy was allowed to ensue. And I, a full on island girl, never learned to braid hair. In my teen years, looking to rebel a little, or maybe it was peer pressure, I learned the single plat, and the two strand twist, I even learned to install pussy bubbie (Bantu knots), but alas corn roles eluded my limited skill. But it wasn’t that urgent since I had straight permed hair. There was time to learn in the future.

Then I became a mother, and looks of wonder, became strong reprimand. How could I live not knowing how to braid my son’s hair? Who was I to be burden to others to do it.? And it only got worse when I became the mother of a girl child. ugh I felt a bit disgusted with myself. But try as I might, the time for me to learn such things seemed to be gone. I could not learn. The disgust grew. How could I, a woman of Caribbean origin, living in the Caribbean, not know how to braid hair?

Now I’m a full on natural hair sista, and I still can’t braid hair, I can do a little protective styling and pull together a decent natural hair style, all without knowing how to braid my hair. And finally I’m ok with that.


2 thoughts on “Never learned to braid my hair

  1. I can braid, but I could never get that corn braid. Before I relaxed my hair it was pony tail all the time. Now that I’ve been natural almost 2.5 years, its twist for me. I can do flat twist, but its so much work for me that I don’t bother. Its becoming more common to see natural haired women wear their hair free, I did that twice last summer, I’m going to do it more.

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