Island Living: a Response

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Author Joanne Hillhouse, speaks truth and wisdom about living in the Caribbean in response to some poor soul who just doesn’t get it.


Written as I read this piece entitled ‘9 Definitive Reasons Why You Should NOT Move to the Caribbean’ by a freelancer who describes herself as living an “accidental ex pat life” in Honduras.


  1. The cooling breeze of the trade winds keeps the heat down…and the enduring and yet ephemeral beauty of every sunset makes every moment worth it…plus Vitamin D is good for you and the sun’s good for Vitamin D.
  2. It’s san’flies not sand fleas. And yeah insects are called pests for a reason… but you know what we also have … hummingbirds and hibiscuses hibiscus2butterflies and whistling ducks and frigate birds…nature can be a nuisance but she’s also kind of magically beautiful too…and part of living here is learning to cope with the nuisance and see the beauty …everywhere has something and insects (which are lots of places NOT Caribbean and can be controlled) are a small price…

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