Two foot Bay

I’ve only been there once, but when I saw The Daily Post’s Photo challenge, I was immediately transported back there. You see I only live a few kilometers away from Barbuda and this treasure, on the sister Island of Antigua. But when I want to run away this is where I want to run to. It’s secluded, and serene. You can sit for hours in the shade of the Sea Side grape trees and just listen to the crash and hiss as the most beautiful sparkling blue waves break on the beach of seemingly endless sand. Sand so smooth it looks like someone might have painted it into place.

It’s away from everyone, in a location you have to get to on your two feet, hence the name. It may sound cliche coming from an island girl, but I can think of no place better to escape. SO I scoured the internet for a picture that would do it justice and while this doesn’t quite to that in my opinion. I think it comes pretty close.


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