Everyday extraordinary

Artist Edison Liburd at
Artist Edison Liburd at work

This is Artist Edison Liburd. I see him everyday. Most days he’s wearing a paint spattered apron, carrying a brush and smiling.

Always a smile. He’s always ready with a sprightly greeting that just infects you to smile back. It’s amazing. I mean I see him every work day of the week and sometimes on sSaturdays and no matter what mood I am in, how hot the day has been, the current state of the economy, the political climate, hell if there was a natural disaster that weekend, the smile is still there, firmly fixed to his lips.

I don’t think I gave it much thought, until last Thursday. Being in a particularly bad mood with my bed nowhere in sight. I walked into his Art Gallery, looking for one of the pesky members of the tribe, and there he was, surrounded by all his painting, creating new works and smiling.

He greeted me as usual and I couldn’t help but smile back. I mean really smile back. Not just a superficial smile for his benefit, but an honest to goodness cheek straining smile. It was only after I walked away did I realize what I had done. What he had inspired in me.

You see everyday I pass among his painting displayed in my favorite book store where his gallery is also situated. And I’ll, most days pause and stare at this piece or that, hoping secretly that nobody buys this one or that before I can. His paintings seem to hum, with good vibes, settling my most times tumultuous thoughts and feelings. (Yeah Yeah I’m a bit of a grouch in the afternoon.) My favorite ones are the paintings of the ladies, always colorful and exquisitely posed. Brimming with cheerful mystery, and a little sass.


Each with a character and personality all her own, and each begging me to tell her story. Which is exactly what I did for the Regal lady above. I’ve named her Sista Fey, and told a little bit of her story, being inspired by the infectious good mood Mr. Liburd weaves into every brush stroke.

I love this piece and so many others, but more than anything I appreciate and am inspired by the Everyday Extraordinary of Mr. Liburd himself.


Any thoughts?

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