Listening to Road noise: Writing about sex

Am I a prude? I like sex, who doesn’t? And I’ve written my fair share of erotic poetry. I have, shamelessly posted under suggestive semi-nude photos of men and women, words and rhymes, lines and lines, of suggestive sentences meant to titillate or just capture the rapture of the sensations that are sex. I’ve written love scenes, and sex scenes. I’ve exploited sex for it’s literary value. A little erotica here and there for the titillation of the reader. Sure. Who hasn’t?

So I understand what it is to write about sex. I understand what it is to want to share the essence of the experience with someone, anyone and everyone. But that’s just it, I understand wanting to share the essence, but not the details. Not the sticky icky of the act itself. I can’t imagine saying to anyone: “I had some good sex last night and it was….”

I mean I’m told that at my age, sex is always on the brain. And indeed the discussion of all things sexual is something I don’t mind engaging in, in an academic sense, and even then with a measure of modesty.

To me, my own sexual exploits,however, their details, their schedule and all. Are mine. To be hidden behind rueful smiles and shivering memories that are privately mine. To drop them out there for the public to view just seems crass. To me.

Similarly That’s pretty much my stance on my intimate bits. I rather like dressing all provocative ever so often, you know some tight jeans, some heals, lots of cleavage. But I don’t think I’d go out of my bedroom in a lace cat suit and a thong. Which seems to be all the rage, on the fashion scene right now.

But the question is, does that make me a prude? Have I missed the train marked “Sexual revolution”  that all the cool kids are riding on? Am I my very conservative grandmother, in a new shiny body? Does anyone else think the over saturation of sex has made us lose our reverence for the act, and by extension our role in it?

How far is too far when we are writing about sex? Our sex?

I think I might be a prude, come to think of it. But I don’t mind. I like there to be a little mystery about me, and the happenings of my boudoir.


4 thoughts on “Listening to Road noise: Writing about sex

  1. I agree with you on a personal level. I will not be sharing any intimate details my life to that extent. 50 Shades of InventingRealLife will not be coming to a blog near you! But, I do understand that other people are wired to need to share to that extent. I applaud that they are brave enough to bare (their souls! Lol).

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      1. I read the first one, it was kind of a romance novel on steroids, not my taste, but I know many like it a lot. I would catch the movie on Netflix, but I save movie going for movies that need a big screen for a different type of big bang!

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