An open letter to my favorite authors

So in an attempt to be truly diabolical the Daily post has given me 300 words to justify the existence of my favorite book series. No No this part doesn’t count, this is just to let us know that this is a response to the Daily Post: Daily Prompt Do or Die.

Dear, Mr Butcher, Dame Rice, and Miss Warren,

I won’t bore you with how much I love the characters you have created, I won’t tell you how you have helped me to avert boredom, or awoken my curiosity about the world around me and even the folklore of my area. I will not say, that the intricacy and extent of your stories have been an inspiration to my own writing. No I won’t bore you with all of this. Because I know you all receive tons of fan mail from all over the world from people like me, who are already addicted to your works in progress. Your unfinished series.

I’m not going to recount the literary value of your work, especially you Dame Rice with your pros. Or talk about the witt of your characters and how they encapsulate all the experience of the layman by not being heavy on unrealistic morality and ethics, that’s you Mr Butcher. Or even how they enhance and give class to a genre that has been characterized for too long by cookie cutter characters and cliche scenarios, that’s all on you Miss Warren.

I’m not even going to outline how you all give voice to some great moral and philosophical ideals that in any other form would be all kinds of boring and thus would never really be examined. Especially not by generations so jacked in that we can’t sit still long enough to observe them in life.

No I’m not going to say any of that stuff to try to justify why you need to keep doing what you’re doing, and why your books need to grace the shelves of bookshelves both physical and digital everywhere. No. The only justification you need is that you are all FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!

Yh that’s three hundred words just about. So I’m just going to drop my pen like it was a mic and walk off this stage like a Boss.


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