Balmy sunsets

It’s Thursday and That means Picture day. This is the new blog feature as suggested by Blogging 101. Once A week I’ll take a picture and just see were it takes me. I’d be happy to know what you think. Or see the pictures you like. Link me in the comments.

Marina, that was her name. The name the other children liked to tease her about. You just can’t live in a village like falmouth where all the tourists come to dock their boats, and have a name like Marian. If she had been there on the day her mommy had named her, she would have told the woman that. And to make the matter worse, she was a little girl, with fine bones and hair with big curls.

The other kids at the public school were not her biggest fans. She was different, she was small with funny hair and dusky skin. She lived up on the hill and mother insisted that book learning was better than fishing and daddy was always cooking in the restaurant down by the Marina.

Ack that name again. She sucked her teeth, and pulled a face to the bare air in front of her. Flicking a shell into the water. She watched the ripples role across the water towards the gap in the little bay. It made the straight line, the sun cast on the now mauve water break and dance, sparkling in the twilight.

“hey.”  Marina nearly jumped out of her skin. ‘How you out here this time? You mommy not go whoop you?”

The voice that had intruded on her sulking belonged to Nicholas. The head boy at school. Nicolas was beautiful. He was tall and strapping in that full on teenage way. His smile was bright and straight, his skin was smooth and dark, it reminded her of espresso. He hypnotized her as the reflection of the dying day played across him, making him look like a shimmering Adonis. But more than all that, it registered as her mouth went totally dry and her throat tried to close up on her, he, THE Nicolas was talking to HER. Marina.

“It matter to you that my Mommy go whoop me?” she threw all the cool girl attitude she could into the retort., and sent a prayer up that her knees would hold her up, under his smoldering gaze. The sun on the water made his eyes look like they were on fire too. OH MY!!!!!!

She took a step, having every intention to walk off in a huff, flipping her frizzy pony tail behind her. But gravity had a different idea, and she went pitching head first into the chest of THE Nicolas.

Nicolas caught her, and hauled her up against him. She knew embarrassment was staining her cheeks a dusky violet, and it took a moment of two for her to look up into the face of her savior. The one that didn’t seem to be in a hurry to push her off or set her right on her feet. The one who was smiling at her when she finally looked up. The one who’s head lowered towards her like one of those slow motion kissing shots in a movie.

The one who took her breath away as his soft warm lips collided with hers, shocking her to the core and exciting her all at the same time. And just like that, as quickly as it had started the lips had gone, and she was standing on her own two legs, and he was walking backwards on down the beach.

“Gwarn go home. Don’t want your mommy whoop you.”

Marina stood there a moment or two looking after him, her hands posed on her lips where Nicolas has kissed her. The Nicolas had kissed HER. Then a smile crossed her still tingling lips as she paused to look out at the panoramic view that had framed her first kiss.


5 thoughts on “Balmy sunsets

      1. I signed up for the Poetry thing. I figured it was a good opportunity to practice trying to make what I say interesting. How’d I do?

        All humor aside, you’ve a beautiful writing voice. I was quite caught up in in the story. Felt every second of it.

        Liked by 1 person

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