What do They want?

Blogging 201 has asked me to look into my stats and see what the people want. When my best days are? What topics get the most likes? You know what it is that the people of the blogosphere are looking at from me.

And I did.

My best days seem to be very random, which is understandable because as old people say, I work by the moon. Meaning that I am as random as random can be. I post what I like, when I like, because I can. So I’m going to focus on the what topics get the most attention.

So far it looks like your three favorite topics are:

1. Sex and relationships

2. Me jabbering on about my life

3. and Blogging 101

My Creative writing comes in at a close 4th maybe even a 3.5.

Well I’m going through a prudish phase, being over saturated with nudity and the kind of ludity that goes with it.  Sidenote: Did you know that that within itself can kill as sex drive dead as a door nail. So I’m not sure how long it will be before I feel so motivated to write on that topic.

Me jabbering? Well when am I not jabbering? Does that make me self centered?

And blogging 101….well….i don’t know when i’ll take that course again.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I get the most attention is when I share my posts on social media. Which is funny because I never get as much support over there as I do from my blogging family, go figure.

All in all I think I’ll just keep doing me. You seem to like it. Thanks for all the love, it means a lot to an introverted Island girl, just sending it all out there for you to view.


4 thoughts on “What do They want?

  1. Strange, I find I also get the most hits with social media, yet, no one comments. I did it old school for ever, trying to build an audience, asking my friends why they did not check it out. Now, I let it ride. And I read more blogs, which brings me more people I meet who are nice and interesting. but I am here to spread myself and my thoughts around. Strange

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