Hey guys it’s y 3 year blogaversary today. 3 years of writing and sharing and say and speaking, 3 years of writing and pondering and tweeking and playing with widgets and themes and all that other stuff that blogging entails.

3 years of posting, and themes and reading. That’s probably my second favorite part, the reading. The reading and laughing and sometimes crying, the awe and the amusement that comes from reading other people’s thoughts.

But my most favorite part, is the comments. Reading the comments not only on my own blog, but on all the others I subscribe to and come across. These comments range from the most amusing pieces of satyr and comedy I’ve ever read, to some of the deepest thoughts I’ve ever read. You guys are truly awesome.



And to make it all even more spectacular, both Randomness and Death By Expectations has hit 200 followers. I really can’t say how elated I am. But I will say Thank you.I really appreciate all the continued support and love that you guys poor out.

Thanks guys, from me and the tribe.


3 thoughts on “Blog-aversary

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