Tell the truth

Picture day is late, but only because I had a little trouble carving out the time, and even when I did, it wasn’t a story that came to mind. It was this. So today Picture day has a slightly different face, but I hope it touches us all the same.

Death by Expectations

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Tell the truth.

Free yourself

From the fresh hell into which you have fallen

Speak it clearly

Admit to yourself

All those secrets you have kept hidden

Even from your own heart

Regain your fidelity with reality

And let it be known

Wear it like a banner around you

Your new axiom

Share your epiphany with anyone listening

They will respect you for it

Rather than live the lie

 The stifling of your vulnerability

The machismo of being nothing

Even in the stillness of your own disquieted soul

Tell me your truth and free us both from the malady of social interaction

An unfortunate stringing together of awkward moments

Meant to fool them into thinking we are what

And how they want us to be

Whatever it is they need us to be for them to feel justified for whatever

Tell your truth

Speak your mind

Come to terms with…

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2 thoughts on “Tell the truth

  1. Loved this: Regain your fidelity with reality And let it be known…

    This was a great piece. Particularly the end. It’s a huge step committing to doing that because first you have to learn to not use people as mirrors. Such a sad way to live.

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