I would….

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The question was set fourth today: If you won the lotto what would I do?

Indeed what would we do, there was talk of lump sums, and long term installments, of job quitting and cruises and vacations. Indeed we all have a plan for that blessed day when we come into a couple million dollars.

I have a plan and I don’t even play the lotto.For starters I wouldn’t tell a soul. I know that I would acquire a property one large enough that I could have separate residences for me and the Chief, each of the tribes men, and a place for the elders to stay when they visit.I would ensure that my kids were provided the best education money could buy, then I would then grow my empire, all those phenomenal business ideas would see the light of day, many of which publicly traded of course. I would be the brain behind hundreds of jobs, a boost in agricultural production and development. A legacy the tribesmen would be groomed to continue. I don’t think I’d quit my day job, but I would probably privatize the school I work at, pimping out all the departments and making it a self sufficient entity.

People would see change happening, then at my retirement party, somewhere around the age of 45 they would know that it was me,no need to know how, or where it all came from, or why I didn’t speak up till now, just know that it was me. Hey even my ego needs a little stroking.

Sounds cool, huh? But then someone asked why I wouldn’t make it rain for my friends and family. And my immediate reaction is why? I’m sharing the wealth in a way that everyone benefits, I would help provide opportunities for folks who want them, but I don’t think I’d rent a leaf blower and blow hundred dollar bills into the ceiling. Why?

Does that make me selfish? What would you do?


8 thoughts on “I would….

  1. That sounds good! I think it would be wise not to tell many people otherwise you’d become the bank lol.

    Me? I would of course give some to churches and/or charity but I would invest in businesses for sure and buy a car (probably used) because I do need one.

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