When traveling in Antigua…

The Daily Post asked me about my Local Flavor, I don’t think they know what they were getting into.

Now everyone lives somewhere, and everybody says that their somewhere is the best anywhere that anyone can be. So when you hear someone say that their somewhere is the best place, you usually take it with a pinch of salt. Until now, you see I live somewhere that is the most unique somewhere you can find. When we say only in our country, we really mean only in our country, yes it’s beautiful, yes there are sights to behold, but more than anything else, everything hear has been touched by the soul of her people.

Yes we have our culture. Our Madras cultural dresses. made in all shapes and sizes, all styles and vintages, because we are just that creative.images (10) Our Carnival , with all the glitz and glitter.images (9) Even our love of the sweet bounty of nature, and when I say sweet I mean sweet because of our rich soil and moderate rainfall.

images (11)

But there’s something about the way we talk especially that just sets us apart. Let’s take for instance if you ask an Antiguan for directions, you just can’t get lost. You see we navigate by landmarks, not by cardinal points, not by mile markers and distance, but by land marks. It is not uncommon to stand on market street and hear a local giving directions to a where to find this or that like this.

“Go up the road ’till you meet Scotia bank, turn up. (Up or down being left or right depending on which way you’re facing, but don’t worry we talk with our whole body so we’ll literally point you in the right direction) Then cross two streets and it’s right on the corner.”

or, “Go to the end of this road all the way up, you will see a store called Shouls’ Toys and Gifts, turn up and go straight you can’t miss it.”

You simply can’t get lost? Can you? Generally the recipient of the directions walks away happy, being told specifically what to look for and what to expect around the corner. Sometimes giving a smile, at the animated way my people just are. It’s cool isn’t it? And it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our Local Flavor.


Any thoughts?

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