Does that make me crazy?

Now I’ve finally watched Gone Girl. I didn’t want to It’s a Ben Affleck movie, and anyone who knows me knows that I have an irrational dislike of this man. Just can’t stand him, maybe it’s his face, there is just so much of it, or that lumbering way he walks, or the way he just seems indifferent to everything, this dude is the epitome of what people accuse Kristen Stewart of Being. Ugh. But I digress. Back to Gone Girl.

Let me say that I love the dialog between the couple when they met, it was so cute. How they bantered, how they interacted iit made me smile. Indeed the way Amy spoke was just poetic I loved it. But in this generic story line I found a gem. Let me explain.

Gone girl

It started when the recession hit. Now we all know that money, the inequity of it, or the lack of it can kill a relationship. But alot of the time it’s not the trial of having to adjust it is the psychology of it. Someone has more, and the other person feels entitled, get resentful and boom the loving partner that started the saga is now some stranger that we don’t know. Really?

What happened to I love you for you? What happened to words like forever, and unconditional?

I am so tired of characters being portrayed as lazy slobs who would rather blame the woman for being dissatisfied and demanding she be happy with whatever meager effort, if any they put into a relationship.Rather than finding out why she is unhappy and dealing with it. The kind of characters so emboldened by their own BS, that they convince themselves that salvation of their bad husbandry is found in the vagina of another woman who demands less of them. Ugh.

Not that Miss Amy was any kind of walk in the park. This chick is just plain evil. Killing Dougie Howser? Dude that was just COLD.

But Dougie aside, I guess if I were a sociopath in love with an emotional dyslexic I would probably kill a few people too. Does that make me crazy though? Indeed I love the way Villains love, selfishly and obsessively. They don’t care what the world says or what they have to go through to obtain and keep their love, they do, and do and do. No matter who else or what else may stand in their way. Their concern is only for them and their love, no matter who else’s needs may try to come before or between. Those obstacles are obliterated by any means. They love hard and deep, and that is admirable. If I had a choice I would fall for a villain like Amy, I’d just make sure to try my best to live up to the love they dish out. Or have a contingency plan in place, you know. Just in case.

Does that make me crazy?

5 thoughts on “Does that make me crazy?

  1. OH that movie! I intended to read the book first, but got too busy :(. Anyway, the portrayal of an unemployed man is spot on. My husband is out of a job again and I am harassing him like a madwoman. But, I still acknowledge this is a loss (not just of employment, of confidence) and to some end his grieving process involves a lot of television and junk food. As I’ve said, we’ve been here before and I now know how to expedite that process. Without disappearing or killing Doogie Howser.


    1. video games and junk food I get, I’ve been there, I think we’ve all been there. Unemployed and demoralized. By en large we don’t start hitting people or cheating out of frustration. Thus the Doogies of this world are safe, especially since we are not all psycho like Amy.


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