When I look to the sky

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”

Listen to that song, the lyrics, it’s the first song to comes to my mind when I read todays’ daily prompt. It makes me want to think of all the people who have influenced my life. Some of whom have moved one way of the other.

For me it’s way more than 5 people and I refuse to cheapen anyone by ranking them. But it’s a sad thought for me because we drifted apart in most cases. Not all in animosity, but all in distance,physical and emotional. And distance is the handmaiden of isolation isn’t she? Isolation is buttressed words unsaid, good words and bad words. Meaningful words and tons of sillyness.

I wonder who else will pass through my sphere of being? hmmm.


6 thoughts on “When I look to the sky

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