Off the Ban wagon


So I came upon a story that a prominent Ice Cream company is considering a Marijuana infused confection. When marijuana is fully legalized that is.Now my fist thought is:

Ice cream = Munchies = Ice Cream

Which from a business perspective is pretty cool. I mean ice cream is already addictive, why not get people seriously hooked, throw in a little highness for their trouble and watch your bank account grow.

Now anybody who knows me, knows that I just had to throw that out there. And in standing with the true nature of the internet people jumped on a ban wagon. One person stood out, boldly telling me that it was all a matter of self control. I related my Munchies theory and still this person lectured on “Self control”. I highly doubt this dude, has ever even had a second hand high.I mean the munchies struggle is real,not so?  Now I’m especially proud of me, because I said “Ok” and walked away. *Pats self on back*

But it stuck me, Marijuana, race issues,religious issues, it doesn’t matter, there are people on both sides of any argument that just follow because…well…that is what they do. But doesn’t it get tiring? Doesn’t the ban wagon get too full?


Any thoughts?

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