In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I’d Like to Thank My Cats.”

Ever so often I hear someone say. “I will never have children” and it occurs to me that they might be right. I mean these small people, come with a load of complications, personality clashes, butting of heads, sacrifice, compromise, duty, forfeiture of freedom, and the list of downsides goes on and on.

But ever so often a child comes running into the house and says with a smile on his or her face. “Here mommy.”

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Plus a big smile and a hug. If I’m lucky even a kiss. And all that crap melts away. In those moments I would have received the world’s greatest award. If I were to deliver and acceptance speech it would probably be:

“I would love to thank, first and foremost the divine. For ushering the tribesmen safe into this world. Thank him for their health, and for blessing me with the strength and patience to keep them in a state of well being, cause lord knows they can drive one to the limits of sanity.

Thanks to my parents and after school specials, which they really need to bring back, for teaching how to be a parent. Thanks to all the grandparents not only that for weekends at grandmas and time spent with grandpa, which both gave me time to regroup, and relax, and just blow steam.

Thanks for the Chief for his continued support in the venture, even though sometimes I think he is on the side of the tribe’s men. But non the less his efforts in collaboration with the local movie theater and our movie group, plus all the friends and family who have aided thus far.

And last but not least, thank the tribesmen themselves, for not being the kids on Tv or in the news papers, Y’all are good kids, and I love you and Thank you for this….really?”

Alas every parent knows that if you gave such a speech the kids would look at you like you were crazy, probably interrupting half way through to tell you how hungry they are are, or to ask you to read this, or spell that or something. But that’s aright. I got my award and I’m proud of us.


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